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Tensile testing machine

Tensile testing machine Product Details

Tensile testing machine Product Details

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I. Basic concepts and principles:

Differentiating power: the difference of indicating value that the indicating device of the testing machine can effectively distinguish

Residual height: the height of the object after the spring is deformed under the action of external forces, expressed by H.

Deformation amount: the relative displacement of the spring along the direction of load action, the height of its deformation (free height - residual height), expressed by △H.

Spring stiffness: The load or torque required to deform the spring per unit length (cutin), K= (F2-F1)/(H2-H1) units expressed in N/mm.

The spring tension and compression testing machine introduced below is made according to the technical requirements of the People's Republic of China machinery industry standard JB/T 7796-2005 "Spring tension and compression testing machine" standard and JIS B7738-2001 "Compression and tension coil spring testing machine", and JJF1134-2005 "Calibration Specification for Special Working force measuring Machine".

Second, host introduction:

The mechanical part of the host draws on the structure and appearance of domestic and foreign manufacturers and is designed in strict accordance with the industry standard specifications of the National Ministry of Machinery, which is different from the ordinary electronic tensile testing machine of domestic manufacturers, and the processing accuracy of the mechanical parts is also much higher than that of the electronic tensile testing machine.

The program control part is independently developed by our company, which is suitable for the detection of different kinds of springs. The control program interface is simple, functional, simple and easy to learn, easy to use. Free software upgrade service is available.

Iii. Main uses and functions:

The tension, pressure, displacement and stiffness of various precision springs such as cylinder spring, disc spring, tower spring, circlip spring, sheet spring and special-shaped spring can be precisely tested and analyzed.

1. In accordance with relevant national regulations and industry standards, professionals with metrological verification certificates strictly calibrate and test each function of each machine delivered by the factory (the company's internal testing report or the report of the municipal Metrological inspection Institute can be issued).

2, independent development of a new generation of micro-operating system, with complete intellectual property rights, mature and stable control technology;

Chinese operation interface, simple, intuitive, easy to learn and understand, easy to operate for people of different ages;

The single chip microcomputer selects the Atmel microprocessor imported from the United States as the main control chip, the processing speed is fast, stable and reliable;

3, the display selection of industrial LCD screen, with long life, stable performance, wide viewing Angle and other characteristics;

4, can be tested by 4 test methods on the spring, the test speed range is wide, can be set arbitrarily, to meet different test needs;

5, the first in China: real-time display of spring force value and height, force value and deformation of two kinds of change curves, and can be set in different ranges of parameter variables, easy to intuitive, clear analysis of the linear change of the spring;

6, the first in China: through the automatic dial button, the displacement between the pressure plate can be automatically cleared, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the test, eliminating the need to manually measure the displacement before the test and then input the control program trouble;

7, the spring can be a point or more automatic test; And preset standard value, up and down deviation range, after the test can automatically determine whether the value is higher than the

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