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Digital display Brinell Hardness Tester (HBS-3000 new)

Digital display Brinell Hardness Tester (HBS-3000 new) Product Details

Digital display Brinell Hardness Tester (HBS-3000 new) Product Details

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Digital display Brinell hardness tester HBS-3000 is an integrated product of optical, mechanical and electrical with precision mechanical structure and microcomputer control closed-loop system. The use of imported components to ensure more stable operation and more accurate testing; The powerful data measurement and control system is more comprehensive with the 5-inch industrial display. The instrument adopts electric loading test force, which is controlled by high precision pressure sensor and can compensate the test force lost in the test automatically. Indentation can be measured directly on the instrument through the micrometer eyepiece, and the indentation diameter, hardness value and comparison table of 17 different hardness tests can be displayed on the LCD display, and the Brinell hardness test (HBW) range can be automatically displayed under the current setting state. On the page, you can also set the storage time and light brightness. The instrument also has the functions of terminal display, printing and storage through RS232 serial port sent to PC.

Main functions and features:

1, the configuration of digital display micrometer eyepiece and accurate data calculation system, just a little bit can directly display the hardness value;

2, equipped with precision sensors and microcomputer control system, dynamic force fluctuation is less than 1/1000, more accurate test results;

3, automatic input indentation diameter, directly display the hardness value, can achieve any hardness unit double display, avoid the cumbersome table;

4, equipped with high-performance stepping motor automatic loading and unloading, the noise generated during the test is smaller;

5, self-occupancy design optical system, high image clarity, adjustable brightness, long-term operation should not fatigue;

6, randomly equipped with data transmission RS232 interface, the host measurement data can be transmitted to the computer for editing and saving;

7, the shell is cast once, the structure is stable without deformation, and can work in a harsh environment;

8. The surface is treated with pure white car paint, 阬 has strong scratching ability, and is still bright as new after many years of use;

Main uses and scope of use:

1, suitable for the hardness tester test of metal materials with large grains, which can reflect the comprehensive performance of the material;

2, cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, especially for softer metals, such as pure aluminum, lead, tin, etc

3, can be used for hard plastics, bakataki and other non-metallic material hardness tester determination

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