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HYL-100 vibrometer

HYL-100 vibrometer Product Details

HYL-100 vibrometer Product Details

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HYL-100 vibriometer is designed with artificial polarization ceramic piezoelectric effect. It has the advantages of wide measuring range, many kinds, intuitive display, small size, light weight, easy to carry and so on. It is suitable for the measurement of conventional vibration of mechanical equipment, especially in rotating and reciprocating machinery

It can measure vibration displacement, speed and acceleration, and is widely used in machinery manufacturing, power metallurgy, general aerospace and other fields.

Main functional features:

1, simple design, compact structure, easy to carry and use

2, LCD visual display measurement value, measurement status

3, can measure acceleration, speed and displacement

4. Different vibration frequency characteristics can be selected

5, using high sensitivity probe, accurate test

6, equipped with a long, short probe each, suitable for a variety of different places measurement

7. AC signal output interface is provided

8, low power indicator function

9, automatic shutdown function

10, LCD backlight function

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