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Electrolytic Thickness Gauge (ET-1C)

Electrolytic Thickness Gauge (ET-1C) Product Details

Electrolytic Thickness Gauge (ET-1C) Product Details

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ET-1C electrolytic thickness gauge is a metal coating electrolytic thickness gauge combined with domestic and foreign technology. It has the characteristics of advanced structure, stable and reliable performance and complete functions. The use of this instrument can guarantee the product quality of the user unit and prevent the waste of raw materials and energy. The use of this instrument can also help users find suitable for different requirements of the plating process, is the product factory and electroplating factory preferred instrument.

Main functions and features:

1, this product uses the chip imported from the United States to process data, with ultra-high-speed serial port, high-speed A/D, accurate, compatible, anti-interference, long life, technology

Preoperative end and other advantages.

2, Chinese and English interface switch LCD display, specific display of high quality, digital interface, small size, light weight, low power consumption advantages.

3, thermal printer permanent use, do not need to change the ribbon. Micro printing interface in English and Chinese test report printing, printing coating type, thickness,

Testers, dates, internal clock perpetual calendar, no need to set each time.

4, automatic suspension of measurement prompts to replace the electrolyte. To reduce the measurement error.

5, automatically calculate the average value. Below 10 microns are three decimal places, with an accuracy of 1/1000.

6, can be measured multi-layer plating such as: Cr/Ni/Cu/ plastic, the report can be printed out at one time, without decomposing printing (unique)

7, the use of authoritative American imported standard film, calibration and calibration to achieve the ideal measurement error value. Adjustable conductivity to reduce errors.

8. Adjust the end potential difference to suit the potential between the coating and the substrate.

9. To measure more than 70 kinds of metal coating matrix combination, it can measure the coating on the plane and surface, and measure small parts, wires and linear parts

10. The plating speed is adjustable from 0.3-40μm/min

11. Vacuum extrusion air pump circulation stirring, according to the coating can adjust the mixing force of the amount of gas, in order to achieve a dissolved state.

12. Corrosion resistant alloy stainless steel, not easy to corrode aging.

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