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SHL-150 portable Leeb hardness tester

SHL-150 portable Leeb hardness tester Product Details

SHL-150 portable Leeb hardness tester Product Details

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SHL-150 portable Leeb hardness tester can directly measure Rockwell (HRC, HRB), Leeb (HL), Brinell (HB), Vickers (HV), Shore (HS) hardness values. In line with international standards and the Ministry of Machinery industry issued "Leeb hardness tester technical conditions ZBN71010-1990", the State Bureau of Quality and technical supervision issued" Metal Leeb hardness test method GB/T 17394-1998", Leeb hardness tester standard JB/T9378-2001 and other standards.

The SHL-150 can be equipped with 7 different impact devices for use on a single host, automatically identifying the impact device type and requiring no recalibration during replacement. Ultra-low power consumption design, the use of high-performance lithium batteries to achieve ultra-long working and standby time, more compact and flexible design to improve the flexibility of use.

According to the Leeb hardness measurement principle, a variety of metal materials can be tested with high precision. Support "forged Steel" material, when the "forged steel" sample is tested with D/DC impact device, HB value can be directly read without manual table lookup. Easy to switch to all hardness systems (HL, HB, HRB, HRC, HRA, HV, HS), parallel conversion of each hardness system measurement values. Functional features:

Display all Chinese display, menu operation, simple and convenient operation. White backlight display for easy use in dark environments.

Data communication with USB interface, a variety of communication methods to meet the individual needs of different users.

Measurement Function A host can be equipped with 7 different impact devices, no need to recalibrate when replacing, automatically identify the impact device type.

Data storage can store 48 to 350 groups (32 to 1 number of shocks) of single measurement value, average value, measurement date, impact direction, number of shocks, material, hardness and other information.

The alarm output can pre-set the upper and lower limits of the hardness value, and automatically alarm if the range is out of range, which is convenient for users to test in batches.

Calibration has the function of indicating value software calibration.

Battery built-in high-performance lithium battery and charging control circuit, with long working and standby time. LCD battery indicator, real-time display of the current remaining power.

According to the requirements of users, the software can be equipped with microcomputer software, which is more powerful and can meet the higher requirements of quality assurance activities and management.

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