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Computerized microhardness tester

Computerized microhardness tester Product Details

Computerized microhardness tester Product Details

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Digital microhardness tester (HVS-1000 large screen)

The digital microhardness tester can meet the basic Vickers hardness tester test requirements, and the upgraded digital micrometer eyepiece can directly read the measurement length, so as to obtain the measurement value more quickly and accurately. LCD large screen display is convenient for observation, test conditions, and the test process is intuitive and clear.

The machine is equipped with a microhardness tester measuring system: it can be used for continuous test of continuous reading indentation after continuous loading, and it can be used for successive tests of each loading and each reading indentation. The ccd camera, video cable or USB interface digital camera is used to observe the measurement indentation directly on the display, and the measurement accuracy is high with the mouse. For setting test conditions, display results can be operated and displayed clearly and quickly. Through the measurement software, the computer can be used for easy operation, to achieve a single point measurement can be randomly measured multi-point, statistical measurement data, arbitrarily set two points or multi-point measurement point spacing for penetration layer depth measurement can be measured along X or Y two directions, statistical measurement data, according to the user input decision value automatically calculate the hardening layer depth. Statistical calculation, conversion, display curve, judging whether qualified, etc. Can measure part length graphics save printing.

Software features:

1, universal USB control, self-equipped USB camera can be used, support more than 90% of the USB camera on the market, including chat camera, no collection card, notebook can also be used, saving costs (there are also collection card versions, the price is different, faster response, more stable, more powerful);

2. Depth analysis of carburizing layer, detailed report;

3, 10,20,40,3 kinds of magnification can be freely switched, and can be calibrated separately without affecting each other;

4. No need to recalibrate the replacement force value;

5, 14 kinds of E140 standard scale conversion;

6, can achieve automatic measurement;

7, magnifying glass function, measurement is easier;

8, the force value can be set freely, there is no power limit, power software calibration, theoretically can measure all Vickers including small load;

9, exclusive function: a hardness block can complete the calibration, eliminating the high price of the magnifying scale, more convenient, easier, more accurate.

Main functions and features:

1, the optical system designed by senior optical engineers not only has clear images, but also can be used as a simple microscope, with adjustable brightness, visual comfort, long-term operation is not easy to fatigue;

2, industrial display LCD large screen display can display the test method, test force, measurement indentation length, hardness value, test force holding time, measurement times and can enter the year, month, date, test results and data processing;

3, cast aluminum shell molding, the structure is stable and not deformed, pure white car paint grade is high, scratch resistance is strong, use for many years is still bright as new;

4, our company has the ability to R & D, design, production and processing, the machine lifetime to provide spare parts replacement and maintenance and upgrade services;

5, the HVS-1000 model can directly measure the length and confirm the hardness value.

Main uses and application scope:

1, steel, non-ferrous metals, metal foil, carbide, metal sheet, microstructure

2, carburizing, nitriding and decarburizing layer, surface hardening layer, electroplating layer, coating

3, glass, wafer, ceramic materials

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